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Vintage Cherry Motifs in jewellery, home wares, clothing and tattoos

Cherries are a  classic vintage motif – especially of the 40s and 1950s. 

They are red of course (my favourite colour), round, shiny and bright.  The sweet ink an white of cherry blossom has been around for thousands of years in Japanese art – I sometimes wonder if after WWII and victory over Japan that is one reason why  the cherry motif became so popular.  Or maybe the red just brightened up peoples day, as did the red lipstick so popular during WWII.  Here are some vintage cherries:-

cherry brooch  A vintage 1940s brooch.

 cherry b2  An older Austrian glass brooch.

cherry wll   A 40s vintage wall hanging

cherplanter A 1950s cherry hanging planter

cherry cloth  A 50s tablecloth

The above items are all available to buy on etsy, where there are many more cherry items.

Real cherries are also juicy, which is said to relate directly to the life giving power and fertility of a women. The cherry is also said to starkly resemble the fullness and color of a woman's lips. According to tattooists, cherries also have various erotic meanings, depending on how they are depicted.  You can go here for more information.

cherry-tattoos A cherry tattoo design

Cherries as a motif on clothing weren’t that popular until the 1990s it seems, as a retro look at the 40s and 50s, although I have found some original swimsuits with cherries.

cerry swin A 1950s Jantzen swimsuit

When cherries were on clothes it wasn’t the black with red cherries that is so popular now, but a lighter version, such as this vintage 50s dress below.

cherry dress

Although gingham and red cherries, sometimes in place of the brooch that had been worn in the 40s, were popular.

dress an cherry 

These days cherries are again a popular motif in clothes, shoes and homewares. This one is interesting.

cherry bed

Some of my favourites are these sandals from Pinup Couture, and the Atomic Cherry cardy.

sandals   cardy

These swimsuits from pinup couture are also cute.

swim   cherry swimsuit

Now to go lose some weight!

Anyway, these are some of the reasons I have changed the name of my blog, and my ebay store to Vintage Cherry.  I have also taken the plunge and opened an Esty store of the same name Vintage Cherry.

Have a great   juicyday,


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