Saturday, 29 October 2011

Vintage Fur, Freaky or Not?


Back in the 80s and 90s when I was vegetarian and occasionally vegan, the thought of wearing fur was totally repulsive.  Now….well I have changed….a little.  Vintage fur is about wearing history, and reliving past glamour.  Better than ignoring those many animals that lost their lives for fashion.  Let’s look at fur coat fashion for women, over the decades…..

1920s_Woman_Fur_Coat Lady in a fur coat – about 1918


Duchess Louise of Connaught- about 1920

fur-jacket 1920s

A fur jacket on the beach – about 1930s

fur30s1930s fur and cloche hat


Mary Martin in an ocelot fur coat  - 1940

1945 fur ad

Ad for fur coats - 1945

fur grace

Gorgeous Grace Kelly – about 1950s

opt-another-fur-coat Another lovely 1950s model

fur - marilyn

Marilyn Monroe in fur – late 1950s

fur 3

fur 4  fur7

More 1950s images


  Fur 1960s style (see this site for more amazing fashion photos by John French)

vintage 1950s LOGANBERRY Boucle Coat2

1960s coat with fur collar


Amazing 1960s red rabbit fur coat (you can buy it here)

1970 fur cher

Cher in fur – about 1970


Mary Tyler Moore, Doris Day, Amanda Blake , Jane Meadows and Angie Dickinson - 1970s

80s fur

Cybill Shepherd in the 1980s series Moonlighting -with Bruce Willis and fur

1996 fur

A mid 90s ad for fur


Not vintage but retro – fur trim 2007


Not so long ago – J Lo posed for vanity fair in a white fox coat – not vintage 

But glamorous!


And to finish, a very freaky photo of a chinchilla fur coat– look closely! See the details here.

I’ll look at furs for men another day. 

If you love the glamour of fur, check out the fur glamor website for some fantastic photos and information.

Have a great vintage day

Deb xx

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