Monday, 6 February 2012

Ads of 1942 & how to be feminine & happy

It’s been one of those days.  Sunday – a day to relax.  In our house it’s cleaning day.  The children are meant to clean their own rooms, but by Sunday I am so sick of the mess I usually get in there and sort it out.  Today Miss Ten then decided to rearrange her whole room, including the wardrobe.  Six hours later it’s still a mess, and I now have a fifth load of washing to do. I have also spent hours trying to install programs on the laptop, without success, instead of cleaning out the fridge and finishing my daughters quilt. 
The mere male was meant to be finishing the new chook pen, but he got distracted by installing a new air conditioner in our bed room. Now I have a big whole where the window used to be and no aircon.  And it’s the wrong window.  I swear, the WRONG window.  Meanwhile I have to be chauffeur again to my teenage son who at 18 1/2 has finally had his first driving lesson.
I am a bit cranky. Obviously, I need some time out.  Maybe I just need a nice bath!
Ahhh, 1942, what a great year for ads!  Here are some more of my favourites.

Palmolive for beauty!  It was a woman's job was to be beautiful.  If not that, then at least cheery – hence the red lipstick. And the nice hair….

I don’t remember my son ever saying that at 15.  What about the wrinkles? I’ll be just fine if I use Ponds….

And I might just get engaged too!  The next one is hard to read, but basically Kotex will make you smile. Need LOTS of kotex.

And what’s my man thinking of when he’s miles from home battling for peace?

Really? He’ll be dreaming of my eyes when he’s away for years?
Never mind,  this will perk me right up – the ‘goodness and quality’ of coke.

I might even have the energy to prepare the kids favourite dinner.
skinless wieners
Obviously I am a great mother after all –of course I knew they were full of vitamins and not just an easy tea for when I feel really slack.   And I always manage to boil them too much so they explode out of the skins anyway!
Hope you are having a much better day than me!
Deb  XXX


  1. Sounds very hectic, you need some pampering for sure! I love the adverts, thanks so much for showing. I really like the Maybelline one with the man in uniform! XxxX

  2. Thanks so much for all your lovely comments! I will post some photos of my grandparents too when I get the scanner working. I will check out your blog too.xx


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