Sunday, 22 April 2012

Our Budget Bathroom Renovation is done!

We have finished our ensuite!  We have gone for a semi vintage feel, with black and white checks on the floor, but modern fittings, as we are planning to sell the house in the not too distant future.

Here is before in it's circa 1982 glory:

easter 001  easter 002 
And here is after:
002  004   005

The mirror is a cabinet to hid all those bathroom essentials, and the floor is stick on vinyl tiles.  I painted the walls and ceiling in Dulux Hogsbristle, which comes pre-mixed at the hardware store so you don’t have to wait for them to mix it I also painted the toilet seat, as it was very marked and I forget to get a new one).  The print is a vintage nail polish ad, and the shower curtain I made using red fabric with little white polka dots sewed to the old beige shower curtain (with button holes for the hooks to go in).

easter 043 

Not bad for around $800 all up.  I am still thinking about a little curtain for the window, but I don’t want to black out too much light.  Any ideas?

I also then decided to continue the tiles into the walk-in robe, which of course meant I had to spend hours sorting it out first.  It was originally the kitchen downstairs in what was the granny flat, hence the look of the cupboards (the lower ones are full of fabric).  I sent seven bags of clothes, bags and shoes to goodwill, and now even have a spare drawer.  I haven’t quite finished the floor yet, but you get the idea (the plain black is a fuzzy rug).

024   025   028

The light in there is better than at my actual dressing table in m bedroom, so I have a little mirror there for putting on makeup, jewellery etc.  The black jacket hanging up (below right) is a vintage 50s jacket that I love but would never fit me, so it’s just there for decoration.  It’s hanging on the side of a bookshelf, which forms a part wall of the closet.

027   026

Now to the upstairs bathroom!
Are you renovating anything at the moment?
Deb xx

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