Saturday, 12 May 2012

12 May 1942–The Australian Woman’s Mirror


Here is the cover and some of my favourite articles and ads from the Australian Woman’s Mirror Magazine from Tuesday, 12 May 1942 :

12 may - cover

12 may - cold ad

My mum used to use vicks on us when we were young, and now I use it on my kids when they have a cold – you just rub in on the chest.  Still going strong after 70 years! 

Here is a classic jumper pattern, similar to one I wore to school in the 80s.  One day I might knit!

12 may - pull over

And here is a description of how to use cold crème and vanishing cream.

12 may - ponds ad

12 may - pyrex ad

I have a pie dish just like this one, and I found a similar cake slice at the op shop this morning ($1!)

I think I have published the following two pages before, but I have enlarged them a bit so you can actually read them (I hope).  I love the nightie to undies demo.

12 may - SEWING ROOM

12 may - fashion

Deb xxx

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