Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Vintage Style Toaster

A nice change from packing boxes and de-cluttering today - I got to go shopping!

The toaster broke last week, and I am hanging out for some toasted home made bread with strawberry jam.  So off I went to Target at lunch time, and look what I found!

Isn’t it gorgeous?! (I never thought I’d say that about a toaster). It’s by Morphy Richards (Accents in white) and at $119 was the dearest one in the store, but I did make that on selling my couch the other day, so I didn't feel too guilty.  It has the same vintage sort of look as my Bush radio, which is also in the kitchen.

Target also had some great nautical themed decorations, (which I didn’t buy but am thinking about):

Familiar paint finish!

Resin coral
Aluminium yachts 
Ceramic shell candle

I also got a packet of 30 citronella tea light candles for $1.83 instead of $12.  I think Target is my favourite shop, after the Salvation Army shop of course!

Does anyone else like Target (or Tar-jei as we pronounce it in may family)?

Deb xx


  1. Oooh, love that toaster! And the radio is adorable. I like Target too, but the closest to me is about 2 hours away :( That nautical themed decorations are great too!

  2. I love all those pieces! That toaster is so cute and goes so well with the radio, it's a definite must! XxxX

  3. And it actually cooks great toast too! I know I am lucky having Target across the road from work - I do try only to go once a week though!


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