Monday, 3 September 2012

Father's Day on the Deck

Yesterday I posted about my deck makeover. Well, the deck was certainly well used today for Fathers Day!

We started with breakfast, eggs Benedict with smoked salmon, and presents.

Olivia waits patiently for everyone else.
I remembered I had a vintage aqua and pink table cloth in the cupboard.  Just what we needed, and I after a shake out it was used again for a bar-b-que lunch with Mum and Dad.  Dad has had two lots of radiation this year for two different lots of cancer, so fathers day was extra special this year.  He even had a little tipple to celebrate.
Cheers Dads!

The dads then got to watch football on tv for a few hours. It was the last game before the finals start, and hubby found out that he won a tipping competition - the prize is two tickets to the grand final in Melbourne, plus accommodation. What a great father's day present.  Guess who he's taking? I must really love you Dad!

We finished the day with lobster and champagne by candlelight.  What a great day....

Happy Fathers Day!

Deb xxx


  1. What a thoroughly scrumptious sounding meal - it's hard to top good eggs Benny! It's interesting that Father's Day is in September in Australia. Here in Canada (and the States) it falls in June.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Coincidently it's also the start of Spring here - maybe a ploy by the hardware stores to do a little extra business?!


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