Sunday, 2 September 2012

Two Dogs & a Deck Makeover

We have two dogs.  Chino is a two year old American-cross- English Staffy and Diva is an almost five month old border collie.  They get a morning and afternoon walk, have each other for company when I am at work for 6 hours a day, and have more chew toys than I have shoes. Almost.

Chino and Diva

Yet, in the last week they have taken to chewing things.  Like my back doormat. And a cushion of the couch on the deck.  Coming home after only two hours away, shopping, I found the cushion in about a thousand pieces, so I decided right there and then than their time of freedom on the deck was over.  Their couch, the one with the missing cushion, would move down stairs, and the deck would become ours again.  Nothing like a makeover day for the first day of Spring!

Here is the deck as it was.

The couch and one chair went downstairs, and the other I repainted.

Painting cane, what fun!

I also painted the four chairs and moved the bench seat behind the table down to the pool area, and brought up two chairs that I recently painted. I decided a little storage was needed, so I moved up the chest of drawers I had just finished painting.  I didn't have time to repaint the whole table, so I just dragged on a bit of white here and there, especially over the bits the puppy had chewed.  I really need some aqua place-mats now!

The late afternoon sun make everything look blindingly white, but it is actually all distressed looking!  Next to the comfy chair seemed a great spot for the new pots with lemon tree, chillies and basil - a father's day present for tomorrow from the kids and I. The yellow and aqua fabric on the chair is the original 70s cover.  The side 'table' is a tray made by my eldest son for fathers day 2007, painted white, on top of a vintage suit case.


On the drawers are a timber candelabra that was a wedding present many years ago, a sweet little English vase and a bird egg cup that  use as a candle holder.  Now to do something about that rusty giant fan.....any ideas?

Deb xxx

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