Saturday, 3 November 2012

Halloween Birthday Party

Halloween, as I may have mentioned, is not that big in Australia.  My children always want to go trick or treating, but not many people do it here – we had only one group of children arrive at our doorstop this year and most of those weren't’ even in costume.   Occasionally a street here or there will organise something, but they are few and far between.  This year, mainly to stop the nagging, I decided that my middle daughter’s birthday party could be a Halloween party – her actual birthday is 1 November – and so they could all dress up and get lots of treats at the same time.
Our costumes and decorations were pretty simple, but we all had fun.  The weather here was hot and humid, as usual, so costumes and hats were discarded as the evening wore on, and makeup also started to melt.  Here are some photos (I haven’t included the other child guests just in case there parent’s aren’t happy about sharing, so it’s just my brood.)
DSCN0906  DSCN0901
Birthday girl Aimee, with giant spider and web, and twins Ethan and Oliva as Dracula and zombie witch.
DSCN0909 DSCN0910
Devil Dad (with mask removed) and Angel Chloe
DSCN0911 DSCN0912
Witches brew punch and seven layer dip with sour cream spider web.
DSCN0919  DSCN0900
Grilled cheese Jack o Lantern face hamburgers and practice apple bobbing.
  DSCN0940  DSCN0934
The girls bobbing for apples. Then they got to peel them and see who had the longest peel, and then toss them and work out whose initials they made (it’s meant tot be the initials of your future love!).  We also had Halloween music, and the kids danced to Thriller, and played Freeze, and a trick or treat spin the arrow game, which was a big hit and created lots of vampire voices and screaming.
DSCN0952  DSCN0951 
Spider web cake, with spiders and jelly rats, number 11 sparklers and the happy birthday girl.
Mum and birthday girl at the end of the night.  Whew…over for another year!
Did you have a fun Halloween?
Deb xx

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