Friday, 7 December 2012

The Edwardian Ostrich - 11 lovely things to buy

Some more lovely vintage photos and books featuring ostriches and feathers that I found today on Etsy (so they're all available to buy!):

A young lady wearing a big ostrich feather hat and standing beside her husband. c. 1900
Edwardian era purse with ostrich feathers - $42.99

An Edwardian woman in an Ostrich feather hat holding a small bunch of Roses. c. 1910 $8.50
Vintage photo 1910 Beauty Ladies Ostrich Feather Hats
1912 Ostrich Vintage Children’s Book Illustration $10

Original Edwardian hat with ostrich feathers $550

Autumn 1911 Gainsborough hat and millinery accessories catalogue $75
Edwardian ostrich feather fan c.1900. $68.50

Los Angeles, California Vintage Coloured Postcard - Ostrich Farm East Lake Park c.1910

Antique Textile Dye Bottle Label c. 1910
This would be lovely to print out and make your own labels.  And how cute is this - in a 'I have to pee' kind of way!
too cute!
I think it's my favourite!
Peace, love and happy (pee) dancing,  Deb xxx

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