Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Twelve Vintage Christmas Trees & ours

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year –  lazy sun filled days, reading by the pool, walks on the beach, watching movies in air-conditioned comfort during the heat of the day  and cooking and crafts with the kids. And of course decorating the tree.  This year our Christmas decorations have disappeared – hopefully they are somewhere in a box awaiting rescue when we finally move one day.  So this year our tree is simple (and cheap, I spent about $10) – red, blue and gold balls and wooden decorations from the thrift shop, icicle lights that usually go on the front deck, and a bit of silver tinsel.  Our  special touch this year is the star, made by seven year old Olivia, seen here with her siblings this morning, still in their PJs before opening their presents. They really love having their photos taken, especially before they have brushed their hair!.


In Australia, and especially where I am in north Queensland, real Christmas trees are rare – if they can be found they are either scraggly radiata pine trees of native pines in pots.  So most people here have artificial trees.  They are easy, have the nice traditional shape and can be used year after year.  We don’t have to worry about what to do with our Christmas trees come January 13.

Artificial trees have been around for at least fifty years, and when you look at this selection of  vintage Christmas pictures from the 1960s back to 1900 you will see some pop up now and again.

Merry Christmas, and thank you for visiting, whether you are a regular or have just popped in!

As usual there are more photos on tumblr.

xmas late 50s
Girl with large walking doll, 1960s source
I always wanted one of these dolls.  When I went with my grandmother to get one for my 5th birthday in the mid 70s however, I changed my mind and got the smallest doll I could find. Hmmm

xmas 1940
Sarah Hall and her daughter Barbara at home in Miami Shores, Christmas 1954 source
The above photo is so stylish, with an artificial white tree, but I love this next photo - how cute are they?
cute 1953
A cowboy Christmas, 1953 source

xmas 1950
Christmas tree decorating 1950 

xmas 1950b
Christmas tree by the TV 1950 source

Decorating the tree . 1939 source

vintage-christmas-tree2 (1)
A 1930s tree with train at the base, source

The Dickey family in the 1920s source
If you look carefully around the net you can find photos of this family from around 1900 to 1930.  I might do that next year, although there is one of them below in 1913.

Christmas 1920s style source

The Dickey Family in 1913 source

xmas 1905
Happy German children with their Christmas tree c. 1905 source

Frontier Christmas c. 1900 source
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