Monday, 6 May 2013

Wardrobe Update - The Reveal - Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

Wow, what a busy week!  I cleaned out my closet, listed lots on ebay (and made abut $300 if I don't count the horse gear I sold) and worked out my 'capsule' wardrobe.
This was last week (plus another half metre of my husband's hanging space on the other side of the walk in robe):
This is now:

After (blurry, sorry)


And it fits into two suitcases!

Working from my 1930s plan I set out last week, this is the list of what was suggested and what I have for Autumn/Spring wear - not really vintage, but often a vintage feel and often thrifted. You'll see the colour scheme is black, white, grey, brown and orange. (I have put what each item cost me in brackets).

The Wardrobe

2 cotton, for summer street wear
4 rayon, 3 fair quality, one inexpensive house dress
1 wool dress
1 rayon party dress

2 cotton dresses (black and white, 1 bought new 2011, 1 op shop 2011 total - $50)
2 rayon work dresses (black and white and leopard print, 1 new this year, sale $20, 1 op shop $2)
1 rayon party dress (op shop this year, $2)
1 pair long pants (black, op shop last year $2)
1 pair long wide leg silky pants (brown, new this year, sale $5)
1 pair 3/4 pant (grey, new last year, sale $10)
1 pair shorts (black, this summer, $30)


Other (buy every other year)

1 wool skirt
1 sweater
1 blouse
1 smock (to wear over dresses while at home)

I wool skirt (gored, lined, brown, thrifted last year $2)
1 orange short sleeve cardigan (new this year, sale $35)
1 Short sleeve silver sweater (thrifted this year $2)
1 gold knit shrug (new 2010, $30)
2 blouses (I black with white spots, one leopard print, both new 2011, $20)
1 orange knit top with bow (thrifted last year, $2)
3 T-shirts - black, leopard, orange sleeveless (various total $20)



2 pairs medium quality street shoes
1 pair medium quality dress shoes
1 pair evening slippers, every other year
1 pair inexpensive white shoes
Rubbers/sand shoes 1 pair every other year
House slippers


2 pairs medium quality street shoes (one brown, one grey, new 2012 sale $30 total)
1 pair medium quality dress shoes (leopard print wedges, new this year, sale $20)
1 pair good dress shoes (black peep toes, new in 2011, $120)
1 pair evening slippers (silver and bag, shoes new 2011 and vintage bag total $50)
1 pair inexpensive sandals (orange, new this year, sale $12)
I pair dressy flats (gold thongs, gifted)
Sand shoes (orange,new this year $15)
Pair orthopaedic thongs (black, not shown, new, $35)



Accessories :

3 handbags at $1 each (or fewer and better)

3 pairs gloves, 1 leather, 2 fabric
Umbrella, every other year
3 handbags at $1 each (or fewer and better)
4 felt hats, two heavy, two light
3 pairs gloves, 1 leather, 2 fabric
handkerchiefs, dozen per year

2 satchell bags (new, orange, Myer sale $70, black thrifted $5)
1 large handbag(vintage, snake skin, bought 2010, thrifted $5)
1 evening bag (vintage, black, bought 2010, $10)
2 small bags with straps (1 gold, vintage, 1 leopard print, bought 2009 total $20)
1 tiny evening bag (vintage, silver, bought 2012, $15)
1 Umbrella (black, not shown)
2 sun hats (1 black wide brim, 1 orange narrow brim, one new this year, sale $15)
1 beret (new, black, this year sale, $20)




2 under-vests, rayon or knitted
3 knit rayon bloomers
2 panties, 1 rayon, 1 silk
4 slips, 3 rayon, 1 silk
2 corsets or girdles
3 brassières
3 nightgowns, 1 cotton, 1 rayon, 1 cotton flannel
Flannel bathrobe (every 3 yrs.)
Rayon kimono, every other year
20 pairs medium silk stockings

Underwear Actual - (won't show these!)
2 pairs body shapers ($40)
2 slips, (1 black 1 white, vintage, op shop $3)
6 brassières (2011, 2012 total $200)
2 nightgowns, 1 cotton, 1 rayon (gifts)
Cotton kimono (vintage, op shop $5)
6 pairs stockings/pantihose (op shop new in packets $10 and gift)

Need to unpack coats from storage for winter - suggested:

Medium quality fur-trimmed coat, every 3 years
Wool spring coat, every other year
Raincoat, every 3 years

Need to buy:
Comfy Black dres/swork shoes (the pair I have hurt my feet, for dress only) - estimated $160
Another hat/beret - estimated $20
dozen handkerchiefs - estimated $20
stockings as needed- estimated $20
slippers (gift)

Would love:
30s style suit
Felt hat
Black wool skirt

In total my wardrobe has cost me about $902 , that is $232 for clothes, $258 for underwear, $252 for shoes and $160 for accessories.  Not bad really. Under $1,000!

I worked out last week that my budget would be $3,400 for the year in 2013 (with $850 for personal care).  That means you could expect to spend about $284 for clothes per month (and $70.85 for personal care). I think I am doing pretty well on my budget, don't you think. I may be able to afford that suit after all!

Next I have to go through my stored winter clothes. Our winter here is short, only about two months (June , July), so we don't need many warmer clothes.  I had a suede jacket and boots my first few years here, but I haven't bother to update these lately.

Deb xx


  1. Great job! I love the pieces you kept. Good luck finding the perfect suit.

  2. Thank you! I have found the perfect suit - 30s inspired and made to measure from England. Still saving though.


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