Monday, 19 August 2013

My week in a nutshell

This week I have been:

♥ Bike riding with the kids - yes I remembered how!
♥ Drinking a vodka martini with my husband (half vodka, half dry vermouth, twist of lemon).
♥ Eating home made meat pies (recipe soon).
♥ Listing lots of new vintage items on my Etsy store.
♥ Planning my mini kitchen renovation and buying floor tiles.
♥ Playing Backgammon with the family.
♥ Reading "Murder on the Orient Express" by Agatha Christie).
♥ Sitting around the fire-pit with my visiting (no longer living with us) son and his girlfriend.
♥ Watching Dr Who repeats (love David Tennant) and new to Australia Ripper Street.

1970s backgammon board game
Our 'new' 1970s backgammon board game, thrifted for 50cents
What have you been doing?

♥ Deb

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