Sunday, 22 September 2013

The dollar worth of a vintage housewife

I came across this article about the dollar worth of housewives in 1953 in the 16 September issue of Australian Women's Weekly.( I have used large size pictures so you can read it, I hope).

On the second page is a table which gives an idea of time spent on certain tasks - 21 hours a week for cooking - between hubby and I we probably do that, if you count getting afternoon tea etc (we have five kids though). But 5 hours for ironing?!! Thank you polyester and non-iron cottons! I iron business shirts for about an hour and do two weeks worth, 10, and then I iron my vintage table clothes and tea towels because I love them. Not for 5 hours though!  In summer I also have cotton dresses to iron - but I do love to drip dry!

Imagine having the children in bed by 7pm - wow! Those were the days of no TV I suppose.  Even as a child my bed time was 7.30, but  we usually ate together as a family, as we do now.

By the way, 1,400 pounds in 1953 is equivalent to about $44,000 today, according the Reserve Bank of Australia. So, if you too are a full time housewife - don't' underestimate your worth!

Deb xx

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  1. wow, all that ironing. I married a man who dosent work in an office, I couldn't bear ironing all those shirts haha


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