Friday, 11 October 2013

An Outfit Post - at last!

Yes, an outfit post.

For someone who hates getting their photo taken, this is a big step.  But I just received my latest vintage dress in the post - all the way from the Oak Park, Illinois,USA - and had to wear it today.  I also changed my hair color (didn't quite have time for the rollers to set though, hence the messy hair). A whole new me!

My 11 year old daughter took these photos before we left this morning - hence the ring in's and interesting angles!

The dress is a soft, almost plush fabric, with half sleeves and a fullish-skirt - I must get a petticoat - and has little rhinestones in the buttons. It's probably late 50s or early 60s. I just love the flowered fabric - pink and flowers, very different for me. Oh, and I am wearing one of my vintage brooches.

You can also see my old basket in the photo - the contents of which I described in the comments on the lovely Miss Fairchild's blog the other day (I have her to thank for the photo confidence too xx).

I bought this dress off e-bay, and am happily surprised given the price of under $25. I have ordered another dress from Etsy, so an update soon.  Do you have a preferred on-line site?

♥ Deb

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  1. $25 - well done! Bargin and it's lovely!

    I've never managed to have good clothes-luck on eBay, but Etsy is another story... It's like a vintage wonderland... :)


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