Friday, 24 January 2014

Little Sally, a vintage paper doll, Part 1

Today a paper doll for you to print out and make.  Great for a vintage style present for a little girl, or to keep the kids busy over the last days of the holidays. More to come over the next few weeks, when I find them!

From the January 1959 issue of the Australian Women's Weekly. My mother would have been 14 when these were published, but I like to think she would have made some for her younger sisters!

Deb xx


  1. I loved paper dolls when I was a kid, and to be honest even today! Got myself a Elizabeth Taylor-doll just a year ago...worked as inspiration for a few outfits.

  2. Absolutely! I think I even remember this one - I would have been 6. I used to draw and colour extra outfits for my paper dolls. My girls weren't interested. Got to work on the granddaughter.


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