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A Book a Week - February

So I know I posted the other day about why I blog and how I don't make any money from this blog - but then I had a thought.  Seeing I link to Amazon for the books that I read and review, why not be affiliated with them, and then if anyone does go there or buy the book, I can earn dollars towards books myself!  So if you do want to buy one of the books I have looked at, please click on the picture at the right.....thankyou!

1. This months first book is A Whole World of Trouble (2003) by Helen Chappell.  Set in Oysterback in America's south,  second-hand dealer Carrie Hudson is suddenly dragged back after 20 years away when her mother unexpectedly dies  - she's killed by an alligator while traveling in Florida. Seriously! Her quick visit becomes a long stay when her 'two bricks short of a load' brother Wayne  gets into a fight with airport security while trying to bring his mother's ashes home, and they're impounded as evidence. Carrie has to wait around Oysterback, reluctantly catching up with old high school classmates, boyfriends, her mother's old flames and her disapproving sister, Earlene.  It's quite a funny story of  sister's who don't like each other finally reaching an understanding, with a bit of romance and crime thrown it, and it was also a bit of an education into southern slang and sayings.
Not a bad read, and a bit different for me - 7/10
A thrift shop book for me (20 cents), but you can find it at  the publishers, Simon & Schuster from $16, (or click the picture at right).

A Whole World of Trouble by Helen Chapell

2. My second book this month was the non-fiction Honeycomb Kids (2012) by Aussie small farmer, bee keeper, speaker and author Anna M Campbell. 'A parenting book for the 21st century' it has ideas for raising resilient, capable kids while looking at ways the whole family can be greener, more connected to the earth, happier and healthier.  At the end of each chapter (such as 'Building Hope and Resilience', The kitchen Garden' and 'Money can't buy you love') there is a page or so of 'Thought launchers and conversations starters' to help you get going.  I LOVE this book.  Every parent, aunt, uncle, teacher or grandparent should read it.  
A definite 10/10.  And I even bought it new ($27.95) from Anna's website, Honeycomb Valley,  The site is worth the visit to learn more about her farm, or to buy bamboo toothbrushes or honey, like I did! (I kept the nice note Anna sent me too).

Honeycomb Kids (2012) by Aussie small farmer, bee keeper, speaker and author Anna M Campbell

Now to some chick-lit.  the Thrift store was having a 50 cent sale on large paperbacks, so I grabbed the next two books.

3. The first is No Strings Attached (2007) by Claire Dowling.  Set in Ireland,  Judy and Barry are about to be married when Barry's childhood friend Lenny arrives from Australia to play the part of best man.  Lenny's free and single lifestyle leaves Barry wanting, and he takes off to France the day before the wedding. Judy blames Lenny, while falling in bed with him - no strings attached, of course.  Meanwhile her Americanized brother breaks up with his phyco girlfriend to get back with Judy's best friend, and her parents house is set on fire. I enjoyed this book, despite it's subtle mantra of 'play the field' before you settle down - my husband was my first serious boyfriend!  It's a cute, typical Irish chick lit book, complete with the eccentric family, close knit group of girlfriends, and everyday girl type of heroine.
A 7/10. You can find it here.

No Strings Attached (2007) by Claire Dowling.

4. Keeping Mum (2009) by Kate Lawson sees widow and mother of two teenage 'left the nest' boys Cass single and happy, working restoring furniture for her antique shop in a small English town, and singing in the local choir for fun.  Her mother, married to a much younger man, is worried about her and continually sets her up with men - usually unsuitable ones.  Cass's old school 'friend' Fiona moves into town with her partner, Andy, and soon has Cass spying on him for her, sure he's having an affair.  On a choir trip to Cyprus things start to go haywire, and Andy and Cass are thrown together while Fiona is making her own fun elsewhere. There are a few hurdles, a family secret and a happy ending, and all in all an enjoyable read.  I did find both the title and the cover description misleading, however, as really Cass's mum only moves in for a while to escape her renovation, and is really quite helpful.
Keeping Mum (2009) by Kate Lawson

My total this month     - $30.95
My January Total -       $ 1.70
My total year to date  - $32.65    

Which means I only have $19.35 left for books for the next 10 months, or 1.93 a month. Can I do it?  Of course I could visit the library, but I am also trying to build up my own library of books......roll on Mother's Day!

Deb xx

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  1. I'm sure you will be dropping a lot of hints about books for Mother's Day, my mum always starts dropping hints this time of year! Those books sound great, I thought about trying to do a book a week this year but I don't think it's practical for me and I like to enjoy what I'm reading and don't want to just speed through it. Looking forward to seeing your ever expanding library! XxxX


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