Monday, 11 August 2014

Vintage Fashion - Velvet for Between Seasons

Back in the late 80s and early 90s I had two velvet dresses.  Both navy, one short with puffy organza sleeves, and the other long with a deep neck and long sleeves.  In fact I think I still have them somewhere....My favourite fashion accessory at the time was a big black velvet bow. It was on a large hair clip (barette) that you could use to make a flat sort of low pony-tail.  I also had one with a hair net underneath - very vintage!  I was reminded of them recently when I spied this article (Australian Women's' Weekly, August 1952) - 'Velvet for Between Seasons'.


Oh, I love that red dress!

Traditionally velvet was made from silk or cotton, but now synthetic versions are available. I don't think I'll even try fitting into my old dresses at present, but I would love another bow.  There are a few around at the moment, but this one at Just Peachy on Etsy is lovely, handmade, and such a great price - only $5.50.  

Not worth making your own really for that price! Although all you need is a scrap of velvet (great if you've made your own dress) and a metal barette clip - Sew a small rectangle the size you want your bow, turn the right way and stitch the seam, then sew on the barette.  I have made a bow tie this way too - much better than using ribbon.

Or for something really vintage, what about a cute little 1950s velvet cocktail hat - only $22 from Nat Kat Studio on Etsy.

And I love the velvet gloves in the first illustration.  I have also found some similar on Etsy, like these from Paisley Babylon.

What about you. Do you love velvet?

Did you know, the word velvet derives from the Middle French velu, “shaggy.”

Read more about velvet here.

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