Thursday, 22 January 2015

Letting go, storing photos and a little me

The hardest part of de-cluttering is letting go memories.  Japanese tidying expert Marie Kondo recommends leaving old photos until last, as they are the hardest to part with. She says that many people have a box of old photos that they  are going to sort out 'one day', and that 'one day' often never arrives.

Well, guess what I just found?!  Mum gave me a stack of photos last time I visited, as did my mother in law.  Time to sort, and scan, copy to usb and keep safe.

When I was a child my father took lots of photos, and had his own dark room - and I think he was pretty good.  Here are a couple of my favourite photos of me as a child with my family.

This is actually a rare photo of my Dad - he used a cord attached to the camera so he could actually be in this one.

Family photo, 1971
I don't actually look too happy in this one.

mother and child Trafalgar Square London
Me age 1, 1970, with Mum in Trafalgar Square London
These next two are my favourites, and they do 'spark joy' so I am keeping them!

vintage photo mother and child
Me aged about 2 1/2, with Mum in our garden
I think I used up all my cuteness at two! This next photo is of my grandmother and I, so I must be about three, as we returned to Australia and family in about 1972.  This photo reminds me why I love Cats-eye glasses so much, and wear them every day now!

vintage girl and grandmother 1970s
Grandma, Greta Holtkamp, and me, c. 1972
Grandma passed away just over ten years ago, so this photo is really special.

I haven't actually printed any photos in the last five years - everything is electronic now.  Before that, however, when I was pregnant with my twins in 2004/5, I scrap-booked all my photos.  That is a lot of scrapbooks!  They do give me joy though, so for now, at least until I get a big enough scanner, I am keeping them!

How do you store your photos?


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