Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Was Hot Pink & Black the best 80s colour combination?


Here is a gorgeous suit from my collection – very 80s with large shoulder pads, abstract button holes and 3 buttons that are not quite round.  This one was by Tabasco.  A great suit for the races, a wedding or even a power lunch.  I love the idea of bright pink for the office, a nice change to basic black.


These are some other lovely hot pink and black 80s numbers I have found in my cyber travels this week.  Two little cocktail numbers -

80s cocktail dress  Thornton Hall Wiggle Dress

You can buy them at Beaut Vintage.  The bikini below is available at Etsy, and the swimsuit at Rusty Zipper.

80s bikinis  80s swimsuit

Lovely race day hat, available at Stardust Vintage, and lets not forget the raybans.

80s hat   rAY BANS

A tasteful sweater available at Clothes Encounters

lep 2

For me the 80s was all about studded belts, big shirts, leg warmers and fingerless gloves.  And fluoro, or day glo,  rather than bright  pink (and in green and yellow).

stud belt     floro gloves

Fortunately fluoro is out, but hot pink and black will remain a classic.  Just like Madonna, who didn't really do hot pink in the 80s, although the costume shops seem to think she did.  She did day glo though,  when she wasn't doing just black or white, and all colours at once. 

madonna   mad 2  ma 2

She wears pink well now though. 

Here is a cute and wearable  little modern version of 80s Madonna hot pink.

modern 80s    If only I had the same legs I had in the 80s!

Have a great vintage day

Deb xx

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  1. Oh absolutely! When I left school I opened a 2nd-hand clothing store - and my store colours were, you guessed it, hot pink and black! Thanks for popping by my blog - i'm thrilled to now discover yours!

  2. Well your name half says it all! thanks


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