Thursday, 27 October 2011

The 1940s, new shoes and e-book

After being crazy about the 50s for a long time, I am now in love with the 40s.  I blame the TV show Foyles War, which is set during WWII, including the early 40s.

As yet I don’t own any vintage 40s dresses, although I have ordered one on Etsy from the US.  I have been trying to perfect victory rolls, and have been wearing   inspire 40s clothing, including some great shoes I bought recently (Rivers $39).

PA200006   PA200007 Cute??!

Here are some very wearable (large sized too!) vintage 40s pieces available on Etsy at the moment:-

cotton day dress with blue, black and yellow print.
 Cotton day dress with blue, black and yellow print. $25

1940s Black cocktail dress $42 – I love this
Black cocktail dress $42 – I love this
1940s vintage Silk Day Dress
Silk Day Dress $35

vintage 1940s Red and Blue Shirt Dress
Red and Blue Shirt Dress - $20

40s suit
1940s vintage suit
 And of course a suit - $90

To help me with my transition to a 40s look, I have just bought this great ebook:-

You can find it at vintage dancer, for just $21.  Her blog/website is great too, and well worth a look.

Have a great vintage day,
Deb xx

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  1. Wow, you have found some really reasonably priced items there, well found!

  2. I know! You have got to love Etsy!


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