Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Thrift Share Tuesday & The Melbourne Cup


It’s the first Tuesday in November, and the race that stops a nation, The Melbourne Cup, is being run this afternoon (2.00pm QLD time).

The race was first run 151 years ago, in 1861, and probably the most famous runner ever was Pharlap, in the 1930s.


Phar Lap winning the Melbourne Cup from Second Wind and Shadow King on
5 November 1930
(State Library of Victoria, b52293, photograph by The Argus)

I do love men in hats! 

Model Jean Shrimpton shocked Melbourne in 1965 when she turned up to the cup with  mini-dress – the first seen in Australia!  She also had no hat or gloves, and the dress was sleeveless – quite against the dress code at the time which was quite rigid.jean

Here a link to more information about the Melbourne Cup.  I am going for Number 24 OLDER THAN TIME – has a nice vintage feel to it don’t you think (and nice black and red silks to match my hat)?


On to my thrifting (hat was last week by the way ($3), the pearls this week ($2) and the dress by me).

This week, I found my lounge suite!

  PA290250   PA290253

A three seater and two chairs – a 1940s suite recovered fairly recently in velvet.  The price? $200, including delivery. I love it! Now for some vintage pictures………..

My other lovelies, both with my favourite red colour – a coffee set, with 6 cups and a milk jug ($7 total) and a glass jug and 5 glasses ($10).

PB010012  PB010015

Have a great vintage day,

Deb xxx

Cup Update – I didn’t win  with ‘Older than time’,but hubby got the trifecta when the French-trained  Dunaden beat Red Cadeaux in a photo finish and Lucas Cranach came third.


Dunaden (yellow) edges out Red Cadeaux (left) by the smallest margin to become the 2011 Melbourne Cup winner
Read more:

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  1. Great outfit! Neat to see the Jean Shrimpton photo as well as your finds.

  2. Thanks for comnt my blog!
    Ilove the blue hair too but is for valiat girls! hahaha
    I´m looking for a place where somebody can help me to learn how to dance like the boys and girls in the video, is wonderfull isn´t it? ;)
    Did you do your own dress? Incredible is very pretty! :D

  3. thanks girls. How gorgeous was Jean? Yes, | sewed my dress a few weeks ago - it's a bit low cut though so I am wearing a cami underneath. Still learning!


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