Thursday, 3 November 2011

Thursday already, a new addition and Besame


I have been a slack blogger this week.  A daughter's birthday, a nieces birth and dealing with ebay security about anonymous listers in my ebay shop.  The last one was by far the most time consuming and most annoying.  I spent hours changing passwords and updating details.  Not fun.  Anyway, Happy Birthday Aimee and welcome to the world Willow! Love you both.

willow 3 Nov 2011    So tiny!

My other live this week is my new Besame Lipstick.  It’s a great vintage red color and lasts really well – even though I did leave some on my coffee cup today, it didn’t seem to disappear from my lips.  I bought the voluptuous lip color set in Red Velvet, and their are five more shades of red -  Besame Red, Carmine, Cherry Red, Merlot, and Red Hot Red (birthday soon honey!).  They are semi-matte finish with a high natural pigment content for a smooth, indelible, feather-proof finish.  The cases are so cute too, mine is black, but if you buy them separately they are in 40s style gold toned bullet shaped case.  Apparently the vintage reproduction colours are the exact shades used by our favourite Hollywood starlets!  And yes, they do photograph well in black and white I have heard.

And the cashmere powder – lovely and in the cutest little compact.   If you haven’t seen Besame before, here is the link to their website, and stockists around the world.  I am still trying to find somewhere to buy the loose powder in Australia though – let me know if you know of anywhere.

 voluptious_lip_color4    powderdetail3 besamecard

On the subject of cosmetics, here is a 1950s ad for cold cream that I thought was funny.  See what you think!

Have a great vintage day,



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