Friday, 6 January 2012

Blue & Orange Colour Schemes Vintage Style


Yesterday I looked at red colour schemes, as red is my favourite colour at present.  However then I got to thinking that really my lounge suite is my largest piece of furniture, and being on a thrift challenge, with a tight budget (as a 1940s housewife would have been) it is silly to even think about recovering it for the time being.  I should learn to live with it and improve on it.

So at the moment my lounge room is shade of autumn – browns, beiges an oranges with a touch of red.  Yesterday while walking on the beach with the kids I thought now well blue goes with the browns and beiges of the sand, and even the odd orange mangrove leaf.  Orange sunsets are nice to0….


Here’s what I am thinking:


I am having camera problems at present, but here are some other vintage style blue orange combinations I have found on the net:


                                                                                     This one look almost like the fabric of my lounge!

I don’t really want to paint the walls – they are a sandy beige at present.  I am thinking I just need a few blue accents to brighten things up.  Maybe cushions? A  painting, vase or lamp?  I love the blue of these vintage blankets.  Maybe I could find some and make cushions and a  throw.


I’ll keep you updated! 

Deb xx

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