Thursday, 5 January 2012

1940s Style Decorating & Gingham


Recently my interest in vintage has moved from the 50s to the 40s.  I think it started with my purchase of a vintage lounge suite a month or two ago, (salvos thrift at around $250), which I thought may have been 50s, but with more research I have decided is 40s.  It has obviously been recovered since the 40s, probably in the 80s with a 50s style velvet print.  Here is a photo of it I posted recently:


And here is picture I found on the net:


“It's the sensationally new FORESITE suite. Refreshing modern beauty. Extra large reversible innerspring seat cushions . . . fully 3 inches wider and deeper than regular size suites. Low, restful arms and back. Upholstered in lovely light green homespun tapestry. A special Newman's value.”

 Joplin Globe, Sunday, November 16, 1947.

The shape an description are almost identical.  I would love to recover it one day too, as the pattern is quite busy and not my usual style or colour.  I LOVE red.  Maybe a green lounge suite could fit in with red, like in this 1940s bedroom design

And how sweet is this kitchen with red walls?!  I also love red and white gingham.  It is very 30s and 40s.  This kitchen below featured in a 1946 magazine.

Some more 40s style red and white and gingham images:




So far I am thinking gingham in the kitchen, but maybe plain red for the lounge suite.  I defiantly need to do some decorating this year.  Of course this will be tricky with my thrift only challenge, but I will do some more research on 40s decorating ideas before I start.  Join me?  

Deb xx

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  1. I have red and white in my kitchen too. I think it's so cheerful and looks great at holiday time, now I'm mixing in pink, yellow and green for spring, and I can change accessories around because all the walls, floors, cabinets are just white. It's fun to keep changing things around.
    I love vintage things, rarely buy anything new. I'm happy I found you today and I am now following you! Happy Spring!
    Have a joyous Easter!

    Have a joyous Easter!


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