Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Covering a couch – part 1 choosing fabric & a quick scotty dog cushion how to

I finally went to my local Spotlight today , on my day off, to get the gingham fabric to recover the couch.  Luck day! It was 30% off (the original $7.95), so I got enough to do the outside setting as well.  Spots and stripes were also on sale, and I found a gorgeous cherry print I thought would make a great dress, but now I am considering it for a chair.

So this is the lounge before I started:

PA290250   PA290255

To make sure abut the fabrics, I have ‘draped’ the lounge room in the fabrics I am considering.  This way we can live with them for a day, and make sure we like them.  I have also rearranged things a little. Excuse the photo quality, I am using my phone as my camera needs a new memory card.

 Photo0074 Photo0078 Photo0082 Photo0083

The kids love it – they now have their favourite chairs “spotty chair” or cherry chair”.  Hubby’s opinion?  “It looks cleaner and nicer” – big praise!
After all that draping I thought some sewing was in order, so a time for a quick cushion cover.

Photo0085 Photo0090

A check shirt bought for $1, and a remnant of black (40c), a quick sketch and a bit of sewing an voila!
A scotty dog cushion, with a button opening at the back.

 Photo0092  Photo0091
Tomorrow I sew real covers

Happy draping, Deb xxx

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  1. aww! the scottie pillow is so cute! i've always wanted to make a pillow from a thrifted shirt but never have actually done it! thanks for stopping by!


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