Thursday, 29 March 2012

Ration diet day 8 & a wedding

A busy day today.  Thankfully I had a bowl of all bran and apricot for breakfast with my coffee, or I wouldn’t have lasted the day.  I spent the whole day in court, as “instructing solicitor” in three different matters.  Sounds impressive but all I had to do was take notes, keep the client company and know where to find things in the file for the barrister.  There was no defined lunch break, so I wasn’t game to leave the courthouse in case we got called in again.  So, no lunch.  Only a cup of tea, with Dad, who I bumped into as he was doing his two hour stint as a Justice of the Peace at the courthouse.

Dinner was lazy, as Ms 6 and hubby are away and there are only four of us.  Very strange!  Did you know they make frozen pizza with spinach and mozzarella?  I loved it, and figure that it was pretty healthy, and war style as there was no meat, and  it used my cheese ration of last week that I hadn’t touched. 


To the wedding of the day.  I love the happy faces in this one from 1942, where everyone but the minister is in uniform.
Deb xx

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  1. Aww that is such a lovely photo, its lovely to see how people managed to be so happy, regardless of what was going on. Sounds like you had a busy day, I think a pampering session is in need! XxxX


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