Monday, 9 April 2012

7 & 8 April - Easter Weekend

I hope you are having a happy Easter!
Here in Mackay there are four main ideas of how to spend Easter:-
  1. Go camping (fishing and boating), and enjoy the great out doors;
  2. Stay home, check out the markets and local music, do lunch and eat;
  3. Go to church, at least on Good Friday and Easter Sunday; or
  4. Stay home and tackle a renovation project.
WE have, of course, decided to do all four.  We like the great outdoors in small doses – sleeping with mozzies does not appeal, nor does getting up at dawn with the kids for 3 days in a row.  So we visit one of our local beaches for a few hours instead, and get some gardening done at home.  We also do lunch – Easter Sunday with the folks, and Monday with friends.  We don’t do church (sorry, but I have friends that do),but I put classical fm on the radio and listen to choirs over the weekend.  And of course we do some DIY – this weekend the downstairs bathroom and laundry.  It’s still ongoing, so I will post some before and after photos soon.

This Easter is lovely because we have all our children back home, plus our eldest son’s girlfriend.  So lunch was great fun, and of course Easter bunny also visited so the little kids hunted for eggs in the garden.

  easter 017  easter 032  easter 034    easter 035

Terrine for entree, roast pork and veg for main, and assorted choc delights for dessert.
No war information this weekend, just some images.  Here is a sweet little movie of one family’s Easter picnic in 1942, and a lovely photo of ladies after church in Texas, USA, all in their best hats.


And here is one from Australia in Easter 1942, of RAAF personnel digging trenches while stationed at the Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens, Melbourne.  You can read about it here.

Photograph - RAAF Personnel [copy] (Photographs)
Deb xxx

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  1. Lovely photos, sounds like a great weekend and such yummy food! XxxX


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