Sunday, 1 July 2012

Cold Remedies 1942 Style

I have had the flu all week, and today is the first day I have had any energy.  You know you’re really sick when you don’t even have the energy to log onto the computer!  I have toughed it out, taking just a couple of panadol here and there when it got too much, but no cold and flu tablets or medicine, as I have high blood pressure and they give me heart palpitations.  I think I am on the mend now, though the cough is still there and pretty gross, and I really want to try and avoid the doctor and antibiotics.  
When I get a cold I do basically what I would have done in 1942 – rest, hot lemon drinks, citrus fruits, steam, and of course Vicks on the chest!  Here are some cough, cold and bronchitis ads from my 1942 Australian  magazine collection.

12 may - cold ad
p 15 cold s ad   p 23 heenso cough ad
p 31 dettol ad
p 34 sore throat ad
Back to bed now,
Deb xx


  1. I love these old ads! It seems like everyone I know is getting sick these days. My husband's favorite vintage remedy is a recipe from his "Granny Good Witch". She boiled diced onions in dark corn syrup for the best cough syrup known to man. I haven't tried it but his whole family swears by it! Get well soon, darlin! x

  2. thanks Brittany - sounds like one amazing recipe!


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