Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Vintage Technology & Kitchen Inspiration

I have been looking a lot at vintage technology lately, and I mean a LOT (see my previous posts if you haven't already).   Materials used 100 years ago for building telegraph receivers radios and telephones are what I love today – timber, brass, copper – traditional, long lasting and beautiful.

At present I have very little brass and copper in my home – these days stainless steel and aluminium seem to have taken over, especially in the kitchen – but I would love more traditional materials, and a look that is rustic and comforting, rather than modern look or a clean, sanitized reproduction of the old.  Maybe in my next home! 

Meanwhile, here is some inspiration to go on with…..sources are at the end.

      brass  pot rack
french-industrial.01  grinder
piano   hoosier
10240844  2457_medium
JH Blog – brass bucket sink
1900 Farmhouse – pot rack
Ask Home Design
New Collector – French farmhouse light
Ruby Lane – coffee grinder
Flicker – Kitchen at Beamish
Antique homestyle – Kitchen piano
Hoosier Kitchen Cabinets 1900 to 1930
Culver History – Mess Kitchen c. 1913
UK Science Museum - Dry-air syphon refrigerator c. 1900
Museum Vic – copper kettle
Etsy – scales c. 1906

If you find a copper fridge, please let me know!

Deb xx

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