Monday, 4 March 2013

Lavender, the scent & colour of 1933

I love lavender.  I know it's an old fashioned scent - my grandmothers used to wear Yardley's English Lavender - but I love it. Or maybe it's because of them that I love it.

Yardley’s English Lavender, 1929

I can't grow lavender up here in North Queensland, it's far too humid.  In Southern Queensland and Victoria  however, lavender grows really well and there are lots of lavender farms. Lavender is one of the reasons I dream of moving back to Victoria!

Harvesting at Bridestowe lavender farm

Luckily my parents have moved back, to Benalla in North East Victoria, and their new home has a garden full of lavender.  When I visited n January I helped them pick it and tie it in bunches to dry in the shed.  Of course I took one bunch home with me too.

Of course lavender grows very well in France as well. Provence is also on my travel wish list.

Lavender field, Provance.
I also love the colour of lavender. Imagine driving around in this:

It's a 1933 Delage. Gorgeous isn't it. Probably out of my price range, if this stunning, but lots smaller, skyscraper clock also from 1933 is anything to go by - it recently sold for over $10.000:

An Air King Skyscraper 52
Designed by Harold Van Doren, c 1933
I think lavender must have been one the THE colours of 1933. I love this dress, don't you?

1930s quilted lavender evening dress
For now I'll just use lots of this:

And imagine myself here:

Afternoon tea amidst the lavender, source

Maybe one day...

Do you love lavender?

Deb xxx


  1. Yes! I do love lavender! I have a pot that I need to plant somewhere right now. It grows here pretty well, and a winery nearby has fields of it and holds a lavender festival. They even serve lavender ice cream, which, frankly goes too far! It tastes like soap!

    LOVE that 1930s dress!

    1. I would love to go to a lavender festival - but I fear you may be right about the ice cream!


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