Monday, 15 April 2013

My vintage wardrobe update & 1930s suits

We've had a few cooler days here, and my thoughts are turning to suits.

Tailored suits of the 1930s featured the long, slim, naturally curved look, much like the dresses of the day - no extreme hourglass silhouettes.  A sleeveless or short sleeve blouse can be worn underneath, and changed daily giving the suit a different look. By the end of the 1930s, skirts were slightly fuller and shorter (like the pattern I am using for my skirt), but still knee length or below, and the shoulders become slightly padded, ushering the looks of the 1940s.

Simplicity 2862 Vintage 1930s Suit Pattern 
In an interview in 1936 designer Elsa Schiaparelli shared her views on suits: "my advice to a business girl who wishes to dress smartly at all times and whose income is limited is this: buy a good suit and live in it, rather than a lot of cheap clothes. Let it be a good tailored outfit and made with beautiful material and above all don’t be afraid to be seen in it too often. good clothes, simply made, never ” date,” no matter what anyone tells you. of course, they must not be made with eccentric or exaggerated lines."

This little fashion movie from the 30s shows a lovely Spring Suit, with a long jacket and faint pin striping.

I would love a good suit, but I don't think my sewing is up to a jacket just yet.  I am very tempted to buy a suit. I found this fabulous 30s style suit online at Puttin' on the Ritz.

It comes in olive and dark teal as well, and trousers are also available. Hmmm....I would like to take Elsa Schiaparelli's advice.

So what have I accomplished this week. I have cut out the navy skirt - now I just have to buy needles for my sewing machine. I knew there was a reason I haven't sewed for a while!

My knitting is going well. I finished my first scarf, and gave it to my daughter as it was too small for me.  Now I am knitting one for myself in a lovely tangerine wool that I found.

Deb xx

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