Sunday, 7 April 2013

Vintage Summer Wardrobe Inspiration in red white & blue

Red, white and blue is always a classic combination - and very popular in the 1930s. Great for summer day wear and beach wear.

Bellas Hess, c. 1933
Red & White beach wear,Delineator, July 1935
1930s Sun Dress with Matching Bolero.
Summer day dresses

Beachwear in red, white and blue
I can just imagine these in red , white and blue, and the 3/4 length beach pants are just what I need for walking on the beach - longer than shorts but I can still paddle in the surf.
Sailor Inspiration
Elsa Schiaparelli wore, and I imagine designed, a similar pair.

She also designed this extremely modern looking sweater.  Just perfect for those chilly summer nights.
Red wool sweater by
 Schiaparelli c.

It's almost a burnt orange rather than red - my new favourite colour.

As to shoes, I would love to find a pair of wedges like these in red white and blue.
OK, 1940s but love them!
So patriotic don't you think?

Deb xxx

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  1. oo love those shoes, 1930's isn't something you see very often but its all v stylish x


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