Monday, 20 May 2013

Fashion in Art - 1935 Gown & Cape

Today's painting is Portrait of a Young Woman, painted in  1935 by Meredith Frampton.

Frampton, 1935
The sitter was Margaret Austin-Jones, then aged twenty three. Her dress was made up from a Vogue pattern by the artist's mother. The vase, made in mahogany, was designed by Frampton himself, and he said he made this painting as 'a relaxation from commissions, and to celebrate an assembly of objects... beautiful in their own right'.  

The dress is a little like this one (available on ebay).

1935 Vintage Sewing Pattern
But the fuller skirt is more like this one.

May 1935.
The caplet top maybe separate from the dress too.  Caplets and small capes to hip  length were popular in the 30s, like this Cape and Dress from about 1931 by Jean Patou.

Cape and Dress, c. 1931 Jean Patou
This is a sweet day dress pattern with a similar cape.

1930s Dress and cape pattern
I found a little black cape recently at the op shop ($3). I think it's going to be perfect next time I go out on a chilly autumn night!

You can see more of Meredith Frampton's work here.

Deb xx

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  1. I so adore 30s fashion. I may have to snag up some patterns and make me a few dresses.


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