Sunday, 7 July 2013

My Week in a Nutshell

This week I have been:

♥ Walking the kids around the Melbourne - City, Parks, Gardens, Museums 
♥ (Looking for my son when he got lost in the Botanical Gardens) 
♥ Planning to get a i-pad with wi-fi when next I travel
♥ Sleeping until 8.30 every morning, hoping it would get warmer
♥ Drinking hot chocolate at the Lindt shop at Southgate, Melbourne 
♥ Eating jam do-nuts at the Victoria Market 
♥ Celebrating my parents 70th birthdays and catching up with family 
♥ Watching the kids play with their cousins, who they haven't seen in years
♥ Sitting around a fire-pit talking, drinking red wine and watching the stars
♥ Un-Packing and re-packing, travelling from Melbourne to country Victoria to Melbourne     to home
♥ nominated for a blog award (thankyou!!)

♥ Deb

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