Monday, 12 August 2013

A deb ball and fiive vintage ads from 1955

A big weekend - my daughters deb ball was last night, so a quick post today.

She looked beautiful and the dress ( that I had to hem as she had bought one with a train) was perfect for her. Here she is being presented with her partner.

And with proud Mum and Dad.

Some of our English friends had never been to a deb ball, as apparently they no longer have them in the UK.  Has anyone else been to one?

And for a change of pace  some ads from the 20 July issue of the Australian Women's Weekly that I meant to post last month.

Hope your weekend is being a good one too. 
Deb xx


  1. I have a 1950s womens magazine with a beautiful article on a deb ball featuring tips on being charming and ladylike from the new debs. We don't have them here in Missouri- at least not that I know of but I love the idea. I always wanted to go to one!! Your daughter looks absolutely stunning!

  2. Sounds like a great article. I must say they were all so ladylike - so nice to see them in long dresses instead of cut-off shorts for a change! She did look lovely didn't she? I feel really old now!


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