Thursday, 12 September 2013

A Spare Room Make-over and Esty

I have been busy adding new stock to my Etsy store this week - I am now up to fifty items!!

Here's just a couple of things new this week -

Powder Compacts -



If you don't know anything about vintage powder compacts, check out this great blog -

And these dresses (which if they actually fitted me I wouldn't part with) -



These photos were taken in my new spare room - now my 'Etsy room', and also known as 'Mum's nice room.' Now my favorite room.  I like to sit in here and have a cup of tea each afternoon and read through my vintage magazines.  Of course I am always joined by a child, who sprawls on the bed and either reads or chats, but that's quite nice too.

I don't have a before photo, but if you can imagine beige walls and lots of teenage girls stuff, you'll get the idea.  It's now white with dark grey to the dado rail (that was there), the same bed and bedside table (painted), and wire wardrobe. I bought new sheets, doona and rug (K-mart $50).

I decided I didn't need a desk, as I have an outside table and a study/dining table for sewing etc, and I am about to get a new lap-top pc. My side table is thrifted and painted, and the cane chair was my grandmothers.  My vintage 1950s singer sewing machine is on a shelf.  And now I have somewhere to keep my knic-knacs.

and my Etsy stock

What I like most about this room is the view of the back garden.

Well the trees really, since we are up a level (excuse the dirty window - I need a ladder).

Do you have a favorite room?

♥ Deb


  1. your new room looks great. i don't have a fav room at this moment, we just live in a sublet ... looking for a new home and a new fav room.


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