Saturday, 16 November 2013

Happy (Vintage) Camper

When I was a child we went camping most Christmas holidays.  Usually in a tent.  When I was in grade 6 Dad took three months longs service leave, bought a camper-trailer and 4WD and took us travelling around Australia.  Ours was a 1970s 'cabana', a bit like this one, which I suppose would now be vintage.

Cabana camper
Now that we are almost down to three children, and will have one living four hours drive away, my thoughts are again turning to camping.  I would love to have a small caravan that I could just hitch up and drive away with.  Off course it would have to be a vintage caravan.

If you were to own a vintage caravan what would be your style? Would you love a classic mid-century vintage Shasta???

60s ford and shasta

60s shasta
Or a small and cute Canned Ham Travel Trailer?

1950 Kenskill 10' Vintage Canned Ham Travel Trailer
Maybe something even older?
vintage car and camper
One of my favorite type of trailers are the Airstream range.  Airstream began manufacture in the 1930s and are still making trailers today.  Large and small models were made.  This is a small one, the Bambi.

1964 Airstream Bambi 
The tear drop camper is also a small little camper - probably better suited to a  couple than a family.

1993 Bailey Vintage Tear Drop Camper 
 If you're on the look out for a vintage caravan or camper, or just love sticky beaking, grab a copy of Vintage Caravan Magazine.  This month's issue features an Airstream dreams 1966 Trade Wind Van on the cover.
Issue 15
In the meantime here is an article from 1937 - about the latest in caravans with electric light and and ice-chest!

Australian Women's Weekly October 1937

Happy camping!


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