Friday, 13 December 2013

Five on Friday - Flamingoes

What is more mid-century kitsch than flamingos - their vivid pinkness and amazing long legs and neck make them ideal for decorating with. And wearing!

1. Vintage 1950s flamingo figurine from 3 Florida Girls, $30.

2. Two pink flamingo pillow, hand made decorative throw pillow cover, $34 from Studioalef.

3. Pair of FLAMINGO lamps from Just Lovely Lamps, $70.

4. Hand made vintage style dress with Tropical Flamingos in Turquoise and Pink only $40 from Jennifer Lilly Designs.

5. Pair of pink flamingos for the garden by Flamingos Forever, around $55.

They don't lay eggs, but they will add a certain something to the garden.  Love them!

Do you have any flamingos at your place?

Deb xx


  1. The flamingo lamps are so cute! I don't own any flamingo items but might just have to buy the lamps!

  2. Love those lamps very kitsch


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