Wednesday, 11 December 2013

My Mid-Century 'Victory Garden' Update

My circular garden bed, mid-century inspired 'Victory Garden,' planted out during the school holidays about eight weeks ago has done quite well.  I was inspired by my new retro-mid-century clock to do circular beds, with a larger circular area for a table and chairs.  I really wanted raised garden beds, but as that was a little pricey, I used wire to fence around them to keep out the dogs.

The original photos seem to have dissappeared, but I took these photos two weeks ago, when I was watering every day or so.

The wire was to keep the dogs out.  Next time I will get stronger wire - and dig it in!

The zuchinni did not do well - I think it's already too humid - but we had a few tomatoes and lettuce and silver-beet.  This is my first harvest of greens.

Enough for our morning green smoothie.

Two of the four kids love the smoothies - my eldest actually makes them if she's up first - the other two girls aren't so keen, but are getting better.  Sometimes I add beetroot to make it pink, which is nice.

Last week we had a lot of rain - 33 mls on Wednesday and 25 mls on Thursday.  The garden got a little flattened.  Also the mangoes have started falling (the tree is too large for us to pick them), and the dogs have been digging on hot days to get to the cooler ground underneath. It's getting back to looking like a moonscape.

You get the idea!
I am saving up for some raised garden beds in tin - maybe even for Christmas. (Darling Mister if you're reading this, you can find them here).

The rain has also stopped the chooks laying - their nesting box leaked and they got grumpy. I just got a tarp to cover their whole pen, and the old mower catcher has became their new nesting box, lined with shredded paper, so hopefully they'll be happier.

Deb xx

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