Thursday, 30 January 2014

Rainy Days & the Mid-Century Garden in January

Well it's almost the end of January, which here in Queensland means the middle of the wet season and Summer. It's gone from hot and dry to hot and wet in about a week, and we have a cyclone on the way bringing lots of rain and wind.  It's not really great gardening weather, and my new seedlings, especially the lettuces are not happy. 

This is what I came  home to this afternoon - one banana tree down and the tarp almost off the chook dome.

The chooks definitely do not like the rain - I think I'll get ducks soon, as the ones I saw on the way to work this morning looked very happy!   At least the dogs haven't been digging holes - they've been too busy trying to stay dry, as even the back deck is wet. Poor puppies! Now they are drying off in the kitchen....

If you are elsewhere in Australia, according to the Women's Weekly from January 1955 Mid-Summer is the time to sow cauliflowers and get your DDT spray ready!

I am still getting used to the climate here (it's only been 10 years), and somedays I long to be able to plant berries, lavender  and roses.  thankfully lots of the lovely blogs I read feature their gardens, so i can get my fill.  Although I am hoping to visit Victoria in Autumn to see the leaves....

How's the weather where you are? Do you garden?

Deb xx


  1. Beautiful pics…


  2. Hi, Deb! I want to thank you for joining Shady Dell Music & Memories. You have an excellent blog of your own here and I am now following. I hope the approaching cyclone doesn't do any damage to you or Mackay, the sugar capital of Australia. I love dogs and will always appreciate seeing pictures of your pups. I live in Florida U.S.A. and it's chilly, wet and windy here today. Good night, Deb, and thank you again for joining the fun at SDM&M!

    1. Hi, nice to meet you! Thanks for the kind wishes. It was actually chilly, wet and windy here too last night! Cyclones past but not too much damage I think.
      I've made it into the office where there is power and coffee! expecting a storm surge shortly, which may flood some low laying houses, but we, in our old 60s highset, are safe. cheers, deb xx

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