Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Vintage Fashion - Little Sally Wears Blue Jeans

Today a quick post with part two of Sally the paper-doll - you can find part one here.

I seriously love those jeans! They can work for a vintage look, can't they - just look at Marilyn Monroe (or Norma jean Baker as she was then) in this photo -

 Norma Jean Baker in a Pair of late 40's Levis 501XX RedLines, 1948
This photo comes from a wonderful blog post on the history of Levis Jeans, which you can find here.

If you want to find 1940s and 50s vintage reproduction jeans to buy, have a look at Freddies of  Pinewood, Vivian of Holloway, Lily Scarlet, and Hey Day Clothing, or for real vintage blue jeans, have a look at Etsy.


  1. Hi, Deb! For as long as I've known you :) you've been having problems with the weather. I'm sorry your laundry was flooded and hope it didn't damage your new washer.

    Those certainly are smart looking jeans and Norma Jean wore them well. Just as some prefer the look of young Elvis before he grew his hair long and wore jumpsuits in his comeback years, I prefer the girl next door look of Marilyn when she was Norma Jean before she became the blonde bombshell in the last 10 years of her life.

    1. Yes well that's the wet season for you! Winter is nice here though, promise! I love her girl next door look too (and Elvis pre 1970s) - I wonder if she was happier then too?


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