Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Vintage Housewife - Tips for Carefree Washdays from 1959

If you have been reading this blog for a while you will know that washing machines are my favourite appliances - I could travel back in time to anywhere, as long as I had a washing machine! I found this little article full of hints for using and choosing your washing machine - from 1959 (13 May 1959, Australian Women's Weekly).

Maybe I should start wiping down the inside of the machine when I've finished each load....may be not.
Anyway, here are some lovely 1959 washers to choose from....I love this red one!

Wilkins Servis, 1959

 The family wash, by Hoovermatic, more interesting than television, 1959

Interesting to see the different ways the machines are advertised. Which one would you have bought?


  1. I think my Grandmother had one just like the Wilkins Servis one pictured, it used to fascinate me as a child watching the mangle squeeze out the water, and I had to stand back to avoid squashed fingers!
    I couldn't live without a washing machine either.

    1. My grandmothers both loved their mangles - they never gave them up, even when their children insisted they both get new washing machines for mothers day one year! Imagine how many squashed finger there must have been!


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