Thursday, 23 October 2014

Vintage Beauty - 60s Hair

Here in North Queensland it's hot. Most of the time. Now that my hair is longer, I tend to wear it up every day - it takes me about two minutes to do a French roll with bobby pins, and I don't have to worry about 'the frizz' caused by the humidity.

I do dream about short hair though.  In reality, however, it takes much more work than long hair - mine always needs wetting and re-drying in the morning - and you have to get it cut more often to keep the style. And is short hair vintage?  Well it can be - think Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy (these shots from 1962).

young Audrey Heburn 1960s  Jackie Kennedy 1960s

Of course these lovely ladies have very natural colored hair, but along with short hair came the desire for interesting colours.

vintage ad for hair color 1960s
1962 ad
I actually quite like this style - but I know the fringe would never sit like that for me, and she probably had to use gallons of hairspray!

Short hair was very popular in the 60s, but you didn't just get it cut short, you had it styled - you could get 'the Jackie' or 'the Audrey', or even 'The Cabbage' or "the Chou.'

vintage 1960s hair styles

They look like quite a bit of work!  but of course in the 60s help with styling at home was at hand - with the hair-dryer!

vintage ad for hairdryer 1960s

I remember my mum using one of these when I was little....I must try and find a photo......
Now of course we have straighteners, curlers, instylers etc, but why is it (most of ) us women feel the need to change our hair style and color so often?  Seriously - I have only one friend in her 40s who has never coloured her hair - and she's had the same long straight style since her 20s.  I in the meantime have been straight and long, curly and bobbed, pixie cut, many shades of blond, brunette, black, red and even purple.  I think now I am naturally grey, but I'll give it a few more years before I let it take over.  

What about you? Natural, short, long or none?

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