Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Christmas Holiday Snaps, Happy 2012, & a year long thrift challenge

At the last minute we decide to travel 12 hours by car to spend Christmas with my brother and his family on Bribie Island, QLD, including their 6 week old baby.  Not leaving until after lunch on the 23 rd, we stayed a night about half way, at this very retro motel in Miriam Vale (note the upside down arches).    On the highway (yes only one lane each way for almost 1,000 km)  we followed a cute 1960s Holden for a while.

PC240008      PC240012

We arrived in the 24th in time for Mum’s traditional Scandinavian Christmas Eve Dinner, and to set up our sleeping arrangements.

PC240052      PC250061

Christmas morning, after presents, we headed to the park for brunch – the boys cooked bacon and eggs on the barbie.  Yummy!

 PC250070     PC260130

Then the table was set outside for Christmas dinner, and I got a cuddle from my youngest two.

PC250079    PC250099

Some Bribie Island scenery:

PC260137   PC260150

   PC270222   PC270208   PC270200   PC260143   PC250065

And now it’s 2012 already.  My grandmother once told me that time gets faster the older you get – I am beginning to think she was right!  My new year’s resolutions are to slow down  bit and smell the roses (or frangipanis as roses don’t grow well here!) , read more, including poetry, which I never really made time for before, and do more sewing and craft. 

I have also determined not to buy new for myself this year.  No clothes, shoes, furniture, dvds, books, magazines, trinkets, nothing.   The only exception will be toiletries and cosmetics.  Everything else will be either preloved, vintage, or made by me.  I also will try not to buy new fabric, but use what I have or what I can thrift.  When there are items that I need, I'll post about the challenges, where and how I met them, along with photos of anything interesting that I find on the journey. 

What are your challenges for this year? Any special resolutions?

Deb xxx


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