Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valentines Day & a 1940s blouse

I hope you had a lovely valentines day.  We had a nice romantic evening once the kids were in bed, but here were my shareable  highlights:

060   063 
070  068

Hearts and table decoration made by the children, and a book on the history of love( I found at Vinnies for $2.50) – great to share. The white orchid was from hubby – cut flowers do not last long here in the heat – isn’t it amazing close up? 

I also found this sweet 1940s blouse pattern on etsy today.

VINTAGE DU BARRY 1940s Blouse Sewing Pattern

I like the way the blouse has a belt when it is worn over the skirt.  I am not really a frills person, but I quite like this.

And then, also at Vinnies on their half price sale,  I found this blouse, and skirt, (2 each).
P2140038    P2140040

Quite similar, and a retro  40s look I think, although the blouse is quite sheer.
I just need a slightly cooler day so I can wear it.  I have mentioned that it’s hot here at present.  But a bonus is, we grow these:

Home grown Sugar bananas.
Home grown Sugar bananas.
The rest of my victory garden isn’t doing so well – it’s a bit humid and fungi is talking hold.  If only cane toads were edible!  I am sure the French would have found a way by now.

No news of the day – I have actually been doing work at the office and trying to boost my ebay listing so my research time has been lost.  Sometimes it is nice to forget the war, anyhow!

Deb xxx

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