Sunday, 18 March 2012

18 March 1942–A letter, an ad & a hairstyle

A rainy Sunday, again. Although I could have done the ironing and housework, I have instead watched moves with the kids, listed on ebay and etsy, read some book and vintage mags, caught up on facebook and blogs, helped with spelling, craft and baking and colored my hair. 

I have not been to the hairdressers for over 12 months now, partly because of wanting to grow it and partly because of my new not spending ethos.  I used to go every 5 to 6 weeks, for a cut and color (blond foils) .  That $150 to $180 a visit is now $10 to $15 for a box of brown dye that lasts two uses, so 8 to 10 weeks. I even trim my hair myself.  It is probably time to go and get a good trim, to make sure all the layers are done, but I have been pretty happy with it so far.  I dyed my eyebrows as well – now they just need a bit of trimming.   Today I also used my vintage hot rollers  (on my hair not my eyebrows) – here are some rare photos of me that  I (obviously) took myself.  Oh, I painted my nails too!

114   117   132

Not too bad a job, if I do say so myself!  It could be worse, at least I am smiling.  I could look like the lady in this 1942 ad:
1942 ad for All bran cereal
I do love my All-bran!
To the news of the day. On this day in 1942 US President Roosevelt telegraphed to British  Prime Minister Churchill,
There is no use giving a further single thought to Singapore or the Dutch East Indies.  They are gone.  Australia must be held, and we are willing to undertake that….You must hold Egypt, the Canal, Syria, Iran and the route to Caucasus.”
No small task.
1942 US President Roosevelt and British  Prime Minister Churchill

What’s the weather like where you are?
Deb xx

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  1. Wow you got a hell of a lot done in one day, blimey! Your hair looks gorgeous! That is one task! XxxX


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