Friday, 23 March 2012

22 March 1942– Riding & War ration diet day 2


It’s finally stopped raining, after we got 70mm in three days.  The water is drying up and things are getting back to normal.  And even better, I got to go riding again!  We had a lovely trail ride through sugar cane and by the swollen creek, and then in the afternoon I got to do it again with the kids, as they made up for missing the Tuesday lesson. I will try and take a camera with me next time.

Todays menu:

Breakfast was just the same as yesterday – All Bran with apricots and milk, with a coffee.  Morning tea was a banana after riding.

For lunch  I made a lovely sandwich with some leftover chicken from last night, avocado instead of butter, and lettuce.  Then I had my second coffee and one square of chocolate.

ration day 1 006

Dinner – I made a variation of a “Woolton Pie’.  I used the leftover roast vegies from last night, and the two beetroot I had also roasted, with scraps of chicken from the carcass and the jelly that had formed.  Instead of putting the rolled oats in the vegies, I made a crumble pastry with 1 cup of plain flour, 1 cup of oats, 2 ounces of oil and a tablespoon of water.

001  004

It was actually quite good, like a savoury apple crumble, and quite filling.  I didn’t feel the need for anything later in the evening.  his pie made about four serves, so I have some for another  day.  I served it with a spinach leaf salad dressed in 1 teaspoon of my oil ration, and I had one glass of red wine.

I realised today that I forgot to post a wedding photo yesterday, so here is one today instead.  Such a lovely couple!

weddings 1


Deb xxx

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  1. Such a lovely wedding photo! XxxX


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