Friday, 9 March 2012

Sore throat 1942 style

My eldest son has had a sore throat for days.  Finally, after much persuasion, he went to the doctors.  I figured that at almost 19 he is old enough to make his own appointments.  It turns out he has tonsillitis and so has been prescribed a range of medications including antibiotics and a nasal wash.  When one of my family is ill, it is one time I am grateful I am not really living in 1942.  How did people cope without antibiotics?  At one time or another every member of my family has had a course of antibiotics for a life threatening illness.  If we didn’t, anyone of us might not of made it.  Grim, I know.
To lighten the mood  here are some ads from out of just one issue of a 1942 Australian Woman’s magazine advertising cold and cough relief.  I  find them fascinating. Enjoy!

1942 sore throat ad

1942 vicks ad

1942 cold remedy ad

1942 heenso cough ad
Trust me, I have a moustache and really nice teeth!
1942 cold remedy ad
I also find it interesting how adult medication was seen as suitable for children.  Times have changed!
Have a lovely vintage day, and stay healthy,
Deb xxx

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