Thursday, 26 April 2012

25 April 1942 - Anzac day


In 1942 it was only the actual Anzacs of WWI and those fighting again that were remembered in Anzac day services.  Today of course we think of those service men of subsequent wars, and those away again fighting for freedom and against oppression.

General Sir Thomas Blamey salutes at the conclusion of the Anzac Day ceremony at the shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne, 25 April 1942. Australian War Memorial image 136239

In 1942 the Melbourne Argus carried a message from the King, that was received by Lord Gowrie, the  Governor-General at the time:

"At this solemn moment in the history of Australia, the Queen and I are indeed proud to join with our people In the Commonwealth in commemoration of Anzac Day. The war has drawn near to the shores of Australia, and the threat of invasion hangs over them. The men and women of this generation, who stand resolute and ready to meet these threats,will find inspiration in the example of their fathers, whose devotion and sacrifice we gratefully remember on this day."

Lest we forget.

Deb xx

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